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YL College Small Groups

Talking About What Matters

Beyond Young Life College on Thursday nights, YL College leaders and adults in our community lead small groups. In each group, students have the opportunity to learn more about Jesus, study the Bible, and find a place to discuss doubts, life's circumstances, and deeper questions.


Small groups give students the unique opportunity to grow in a close community and make some really great friends. All groups are divided men and women, with respective leaders who are dedicated to genuinely care about yo. If you are curious about which small group might be the best fit for you, don't hesitate to reach out to a friend rom YL. (If you don't know anyone yet, just contact our YL College Director Kevin Tietz at or 214-763-2991. He can help you connect to the right group!) It's never too late, so even if you're finding this in the middle of a semester, now is a great time to get involved!

Fall 2017 YL College Small Groups

First-year small groups nearly always take the full year to walk through Discovery: God's Answers to our Deepest Questions. Through the group you'll make close friends, learn how to challenge and encourage each other, and get to know who God is, why He made you, and what that means for how you live your life. Veteran groups typically determine their own plans for the group.IMG_0356.JPG

There are guys' and ladies' groups for students of any year. The days and times change most semesters to fit everyone's schedule. Please contact Kevin to get connected! (info above)


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