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This is the official website for Young Life College at the University of Kansas. Before you continue on, please follow our social media for all updated information on a day-to-day basis!

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Now, what is Young Life College? While Young Life as an organization has been involved in the lives of college students since the 1940's, our outreach specifically to university campuses is relatively new.

Here's the thing: freshmen are catapulted into adulthood as soon as they arrive in Lawrence. You’re away from home, trying on newfound independence and wondering where and with whom you belong. While you’re navigating your way, you're confronted with major life decisions about careers, relationships and your view of the world and your place in it.

On top of all that, college students who’ve been on a faith journey begin an uphill climb. The familiarities of Young Life club, small groups, leaders and church may be fond memories, but no longer part of your comfortable weekly routine. As the past fades, diversions of the college culture emerge. Alcohol, drugs, eating disorders, pressures to achieve and succeed, and many other things can infect our lives. 

You know how this all goes down. And not a few college students say their first few years of college are the tough. Well, we believe you were made for something more special than this, so we launched Young Life at KU just for you.

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