About Young Life

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Who is Young Life for?

Well, we like to have fun. So, if you don't like having fun, you might not fit in. Just kidding, come anyways. But really, we prefer to laugh and have fun as much as possible. Every Jayhawk or other university student is welcome at Young Life.

Although the college culture can be an easy place to get lost, Young Life is around for anyone searching for faith or is simply looking for a community to call their own. Through friendships built on loyal love, Young Life helps college students grow in their faith and reaches out to those who've never considered God before, who doubt God is even around, or who wonder if God is good at all.

Young Life College has some elements similar to traditional high school Young Life but is tailored for college students. There are opportunities to be with an imperfect but wonderful community of students, to learn about God, be involved in small groups, road trip to camp or service trips, and to simply hang out and have fun together at school.

A Party with a Purpose

We'll have fun while also being a place anyone can talk about what matters in life. For more information, see our Club, Small Groups, and Trips and Events pages. For even more info or to start meeting people, contact us using the Contact page on the toolbar at the top of the page.


Young Life Douglas County | 3001 Lawrence Ave Lawrence, KS 66047-3023

Phone: (785) 764-9228

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